5 Ways your Mobile Phone Damages your Health

Not many people know that in 2011 the World Health Organisation recognised the health risks of mobile phones by rating the electromagnetic fields they work on as “possibly carcinogenic to humans.” With a particular look at cancer they recommended a close eye be kept on the connection and to investigate ways of preventing damage.

So what other ways can mobile phones be damaging your health?

Numerous studies show how fertility and sperm are affected by mobile phone radiation. Particularly among men wearing their phone on a belt or keeping it in a trouser front pocket – right in the same area as their sperm. Electromagnetic fields affect the speed, strength, quality and number of sperm that is produced. With male fertility dropping worldwide it is a growing concern.

Avoid a trip to the doctor

It’s not just brain cancer either. Your phone emits an electromagnetic frequency all the time and the area around six inches from the antenna is vulnerable. If you keep your phone in your pocket there is evidence it can weaken the bone of your hip and there is at least one baffling case of a woman developing breast cancer exactly where she kept her phone tucked into her bra.

Aside from the electromagnetic radiation another problem with modern smartphones is the blue light they emit. At night it tricks the body into thinking it is daytime and not to release the hormones necessary for a good night’s rest. Interruptions to the body’s natural rhythms and sleep deprivation can cause stress, depression, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

When pregnant women use mobile phones their children are more likely to develop behavioural problems such as hyperactivity and emotional difficulties – even if the usage was relatively low.

And for children the risk is even greater than in adults. With small and still growing skulls and brains the electromagnetic radiation covers a greater proportion of their bodies. Those growing brains are more susceptible to brain cancer than adults. Plus there are a host of behavioural issues for children using mobile phones.

For more evidence and studies on all these issues have a look at mobile radiation explained.  

Do you worry about the health risks of your phone?

What might you try to do about it?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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