10 Easy Ways to Reduce Mobile Radiation

Mobile radiation is a growing issue today. There are many studies that link mobile radiation with infertility and other health issues. If you are not careful with the way you use your phone, you may experience some of these firsthand. So, how you do protect yourself?

You don't need a personal bubble to protect yourself from mobile radiation


Good news is, you don’t have to be like bubble boy to be smart about mobile radiation: There are 10 easy ways to reduce mobile radiation!

1. Get a phone that has a low SAR rating

SAR ratings determine how much electromagnetic radiation emitted from the phone is absorbed into the body. The current legal guideline for the highest SAR rating in the US is 1.6 W/kg (the iPhone 6 Plus is at 1.59W/kg)! Every phone differs, so make sure you find out before making a decision to purchase a new phone! 

2. Use speakerphone

If you take a look in your phone manual, make sure to look out for some warning labels about how you should really be using your phone. The iPhone 4 Important Product Information Guide states that you should keep your phone at least 5/8 inches (15mm) away from your body at all times otherwise the legal guidelines for mobile radiation will be exceeded. 

3. Try to limit your phone use

Give your body a break! Don’t keep your phone with you 24/7. Though it is difficult to get away from your phone in today’s society (cell phones are almost exceeding the world population!), try and find some time during the day to keep your phone off and away from your body. You’re phone is constantly emitting radiation while turned on, even when you are not using it! 

4. Text instead of calling

If you have a quick message to send, shoot a text! Calling requires more power and thus more radiation. 

5. Don’t put the phone to your ear until it connects 

When making a call, the signal has to work harder to connect and thus emits more radiation until the call in connected. Hold your phone away from you as much as you can while dialing. It is still best to use speaker (speaker over bluetooth also) while making calls, but if you need the privacy then make sure to be conscious that your phone is emitting more radiation while connecting!

6. Pay attention to the signal strength! 

Signal strength low=high radiation! Pay attention to your signal strength because a lower signal means that your phone needs to work harder to connect and emits more radiation.

7. Don’t sleep with your phone under your pillow

Find a healthier sleeping companion! Your phone is constantly emitting harmful radiation that you don’t want your body to absorb. If you can, try to turn your phone off and keep it away from you to let your body rest. 

8. Don’t keep your phone in your front pocket!! (especially men)

There have been numerous studies that have linked male infertility to keeping your phone in your front pocket. 

Even Apple admits in their iPhone 4 Important Product Information Guide to always keep your phone at least 5/8 inches (15mm) away from your body and ONLY “use carrying cases, belt clips, or holders that do not have metal parts and maintain at least 15 mm (5/8 inches) separation between iPhone and the body.” 

Don’t risk it! Protect your future children

9. Avoid using your phone in public places where you can expose others to harmful radiation 

Nearly everyone on the planet owns a cell phone and uses it everyday. Scientists claim that the microwave levels of radiation that we have prevalent in our world today compared to a natural background are “of biblical proportions.

Try to protect others and the planet as much as possible and avoid using your cell phone in places like buses, underground, other methods of public transportation when you are in close proximity with others! There is enough radiation out there for us to share to begin with! 

10. Invest in radiation protection!  Protect yourself and protect your manhood! You are worth it and so are your future children. 


Do you do something special to reduce mobile radiation that we did not mention?

Share in the comment section below! 


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