Your phone may be damaging your sperm count

Numerous recent studies and experiments have been finding that constant cell phone use may be doing damage to men’s reproductive health.  While possible links to tumors and brain cancer have been a long time concern regarding cell phone use, the decreased viability of sperm is a relatively new topic and not well known amongst the general population.

Your mobile phone may be damaging your sperm!

Whether it is mainstream knowledge yet or not, the scientific community is becoming more and more convinced of the link between the electromagnetic radiation fields of cell phones and decreased reproductive health. Tests on rats and rabbits from various universities across the world have come up with a positive correlation between the two issues, and now studies are being done on humans as well.

While the link does seem to be becoming clearer, there are precautions that man can begin to take in their cell phone use to minimize the damage. There are numerous devices and techniques men can use to protect their sperm even when they cannot help but be around their cell phones on a consistent basis.

Here are a few of the options:

  1. Keep your phone away from your body:

This is a given.  Whenever possible, you can leave your cell phone away from your body.  Especially when you are at home or work, you can leave the volume up on your phone so that you will receive notification; leave the phone in the other room or across the room on a table.  Keeping the phone away from your body is an important part of protecting yourself from damage.

  1.  Use an anti-radiation phone case:

There are devices available to buy, which actually block EMF emitted from cell phones.  Styles vary, including some which only block from one side of the phone (such as WaveWall), and others that blocks the waves from all sides.  The downside to this technique of blocking the radiation from all sides is that it will mean that when in the pouch your phone will have no signal (and therefore cannot function) and it will also drain your battery due to the fact that when your phone has no signal it effectively boosts the strength of its antenna in order to try to obtain signal!

  1.  Don’t keep your phone at your waist:

Many men opt to hold their phones in their pants pockets when they are on the go.  Unless you purchase one of the phone cases mentioned above, a better option would be to keep it in your front shirt pocket, or turn it off while you are moving from place to place.  Cell phones effects on sperm viability are such a huge concern because of the way men hold onto their cell phones.  Change the way you store it and protect yourself.

Remember that cell phones are indeed a relatively new invention, and all the associated risks may not be well understood as of yet.  While you may have not heard much about the issue of cell phones and sperm count, it’s because we’re still early in the experiment of cell phone use.  Be ahead of the curve and start thinking about these concerns right away.

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