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In modern life we are never far from an electromagnetic field. All electrical devices emit one, and one device very close to our hearts – and our bodies – the mobile phone, emits one of the strongest of all. And it may be doing us a whole lot of harm. How can we avoid it, and what will your best EMF protection be?

Some people have severe, medical reactions to electromagnetic radiation like fainting, heart palpitations, rashes and migraines. So much so that they spend thousands on special insulation for their homes or move to a more rural location.

While most people don’t suffer such debilitating effects we can still get headaches and tinnitus from exposure to EMF, sleep disruption and deprivation, and evidence increasingly shows, cancer, tumours and male infertility could also be caused by our cell phones and EMF radiation.

We spend a long time each day – many of us the whole day, even night – right alongside our phone and within its electromagnetic field. There are other, weaker signals around us all the time too. But our mobile is the main culprit.

What is EMF radiation? Find out at the link! Then find out why you need EMF cell phone protection.

Unlike many other electronics, which emit small amounts of EMF just as a byproduct, mobile phones need the field in order to work – it is what sends and retrieves data from the network. It fluctuates in strength as it is in contact, or when it is searching for reception.

It might seem that your best EMF protection is going to come from getting rid of your phone completely. While that might be correct it is also massively impractical. Mobile phones became so immensely popular precisely because they are so useful and most of us now see them as indispensable.

So your best EMF protection bet is going to be something to come between you and your phone. To stop the EMF waves from passing through your body. There are two options then, EMF protection on your body, or on your phone. You can get radiation blocking underwear, threaded with silver and pretty expensive. Or you can opt for EMF protection like WaveWall cases, a mobile radiation blocking phone case.

How WaveWall works is with the special fabric that blocks EMF and bounces it away from the body. Ingeniously this is only on the body side of the case, so your phone can still work normally but the electromagnetic field is pointing away from you.

Lots of people have a phone case, if only to protect their phone from drops and scratches. Your best EMF protection is going to fit in with your lifestyle and the habits you already have. Plus the cases come in a great range of colours, in different styles and for all the big phone brands and models.

What’s your best EMF protection tip or tactic?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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