Why you need EMF cell phone protection

You might not think you need protecting from your cell phone – but you do. From EMF radiation causing cancer and infertility to blue light disrupting your night’s sleep, your cell phone really does seem like it might be out to get you.

EMF radiation comes from the electromagnetic field (EMF) that all mobile phones use. The EM field allows the phone to communicate with the network, satellite or Wi-Fi. All electrical devices emit EMF but cell phones actively use it all the time. Not just when you are making a call but whenever the device is switched on and not on aeroplane mode. Even when you aren’t using the phone it is still searching for signal and checking in with the network.

So this radiation from the EM field is surrounding the phone all the time. Just like other electromagnetic frequencies like x-rays, microwaves and radio waves, EMF radiation passes through human bodies. If you are within six inches of your phone then you are within the electromagnetic field and being subjected to EMF radiation.

This radiation is increasingly being linked to all sorts of medical conditions, primarily cancer and tumours, and male infertility. If you think about how men often keep their phone in a front trouser pocket or on their belt and what else is within range of that area you might realise the link to infertility.

Male reproductive organs are always manufacturing sperm and now they are doing so under a constant barrage of EMF radiation. Scientific research shows how this damages developing sperm, leading to infertility. Some experts described the effect of mobile phone radiation as being like “cooking” sperm.

Which bring us to the importance of EMF cell phone protection. You don’t want to stop using or get rid of your phone you do want protection. An anti-radiation phone case like WaveWall puts a barrier between you and your phone to block EMF. WaveWall is the simplest EMF cell phone protection around. Plus WaveWall cases protect your phone too – a double win.

Did you know about the dangers of EMF radiation?

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