Why does your mobile phone case need EMF protection?

WaveWall has a great range of innovative anti-radiation products, from a mobile phone case to earphones. But why?

The first WaveWall mobile phone case was developed to tackle a growing problem: how mobile phone radiation is linked to male infertility. With fertility rates plummeting all over the world, this is a huge issue and one that is only getting scarier.

How can a mobile phone cause male fertility?

Sperm are constantly developing, they take about six weeks to form and new ones are growing all the time. Unlike women, who are born with all the eggs they will ever use in their lifetime. So while sperm levels are in part genetic they are also vulnerable to short term issues.

One of those is mobile phone use. Mobile phones use a kind of radiation called an electromagnetic frequency to communicate with the network. The electromagnetic radiation forms a field around the phone – about six inches all around. And it can pass through the body, so whenever you are within six inches of your phone the EMF is passing through you.

EMF radiation can damage and disrupt cells and DNA in the body. And what vulnerable cells and DNA are developing very close to where a lot of men keep their phones in their front pockets?

This is also why mobile phone radiation is linked to cancers and tumours – the damage it does to cells, causing them to form abnormally. With sperm it can affect their speed and strength, damage them and even kill them. Mobile phone radiation also affects the male hormone testosterone.

But you can protect your body from the harmful effects of mobile phone radiation. A mobile phone case from WaveWall has an innovative anti-radiation layer that shields the body from EMF. So you can continue to use your phone normally, with EMF protection.

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