What you didn’t know your iPhone case should do

Our iPhones are an integral part of our lives. For most of us they are only an arm’s reach away throughout the day. So shouldn’t they be more useful, more of the time?

IPhones are a bit notorious for their easily cracked screen. With repairs costing up to £100 or more it is to be avoided at all costs. But if you think that’s all your iPhone case is good for, think again.

Your iPhone case could act as a wallet or purse as well. More and more people are using Apple Pay and their phone is their wallet, so use your iPhone case as a wallet too.

Your iPhone case can even protect your bank cards and data in the same way it protects your iPhone. RFID shielding on an iPhone case like the WaveWall Universal blocks devices from scanning your cards when out and about.

Most importantly, your iPhone case should be protecting you against the increasing threat of cancer, tumours and male infertility that comes from your phone. That’s right, mobile phones and the radiation they create have been found in more and more medical and scientific studies to be responsible for tumours, cancer and infertility.

An Italian court found a man’s mobile phone responsible for a brain tumour that meant he lost hearing in one ear. Some experts described mobile phone radiation as “cooking” sperm. The news has been full of apocalyptic stories about falling fertility levels.

The WaveWall Universal has special anti-radiation fabric that shields the body from mobile phone radiation that causes tumours, cancer and male infertility. It doesn’t affect how you use your iPhone and it fits all different makes and models. Just choose between two sizes based on the screen size of your phone.

The WaveWall Universal is an iPhone case that does more.

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