What men need to know about their mobile phones

Guys, listen up: Your mobile phone could be damaging your fertility and performance in the bedroom. That’s not a message any man wants to hear but male infertility, erectile dysfunction, sleep deprivation and stress are an increasing part of men’s lives.

Infertility affects one in 25 men – and one in five younger men between the ages of 18 and 25 have abnormal sperm counts.

Starting a family might be the last thing on your mind at the moment. But fighting infertility can be expensive and stressful, taking its toll on your relationship and self esteem. So while it might not be something you think a lot about now, it could be something you are devoting a lot of time, energy, money and worry to in the future.

Where does the mobile phone fit into this? In all the issues above – male infertility, erectile dysfunction, sleep deprivation and stress – studies have found mobile phones to be the culprit. And all of those issues can make it hard to start a family and be bad for your health in the meantime.

Scientists have found that the electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation that mobile phones use is killing and damaging sperm. Some experts described it as “cooking” sperm. The EMF radiation from phones passes through your body and has been found to cause DNA damage to sperm, to lower testosterone, and to affect sperms’ movement and strength.

If you keep your phone on your body for hours at a time – clipped to a belt or in your front pocket – it is sitting right next to your privates and barraging your developing sperm with radiation. The radiation and heat from your phone could also be causing erectile dysfunction, making for an extra hard time conceiving.

Not only that but mobiles are a big culprit in sleep deprivation and stress. Fear of missing out on social media, being able to dash off a few work emails or messages at any time of the day or night, scrolling through endless news feeds about the state of the world – all this is possible because of our mobile phones.

And the blue light from the screens of our gadgets mimics the blue light of the sun, which stops our bodies feeling sleepy even though we are exhausted. All this FOMO and overwork causes stress when people are unable to unwind properly.

Then the sleep deprivation and stress feed into each other, lack of sleep causing stress and stress causing a lack of sleep. And of course being stressed and exhausted hurts your performance in other areas, especially the bedroom.

But you can avoid the health issues from phones while still getting to keep your gadgets. WaveWall have a range of anti-radiation cases and covers that shield your body from 85% of mobile phone radiation while allowing you to use your phone normally. There are cases to fit all makes and models of phone, as well as for iPads and laptops. We’ve even got anti-blue light screen protectors to help you sleep.

Do you worry about male infertility?

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