What makes a great universal phone case?

If you are looking for a new mobile phone case you should think about the many advantages of a universal phone case. What makes a universal phone case like the WaveWall Universal such a good choice?

It’s so simple to shop for a universal phone case. No worrying about all the different makes and models, searching through product specs and reviews to make sure it definitely fits your phone. The WaveWall Universal fits all the big makes and models. The only choice you have to make is whether you need the larger or smaller version, depending on the size of your phone’s screen.

The universal phone case has lots of tricks up its sleeve. Ours includes a special sliding mechanism to allow you to use the phone’s rear facing camera. It’s incredibly easy to attach your phone to the case properly – no complicated instructions and the few adhesive stickers you need are supplied. We are always happy to help or supply more adhesive if you need.

When you upgrade your phone there’s no need to spend extra to change all your accessories, or waste all that time looking for a new mobile phone case. You can switch phones and keep using your universal phone case.

A great mobile phone case will do so much more than protect your phone. Our WaveWall Universal protects you too – it’s an anti-radiation mobile phone case that blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from entering your body, protecting you from tumours, cancer and male infertility.

Even your bank cards get protection with the RFID technology that stops cards stored in the phone case being scanned and your data stolen.

The WaveWall Universal is a universal phone case packed full of handy extra features to make your life easier, as well as WaveWall’s special anti-radiation technology to keep you safe.

What do you think makes a great universal phone case?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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