What is an anti-radiation phone case and why do you need one?

You might not know this about your mobile phone, but it works by using a kind of radiation called electromagnetic radiation. It’s an electromagnetic frequency and creates an electromagnetic field – often called EMF. All electrical devices create a bit of EMF as a byproduct but mobile phones rely on that radiation to work. It’s what creates the antenna and is used to send data and information to the mobile phone network.

Like its electromagnetic cousin the X-ray, this form of radiation can pass through our bodies. And like X-rays, it can cause damage when it does. That damage led to mobile phones getting a 2C rating from the World Health Organisation – “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Carcinogenic, meaning can cause cancer. When mobile phone radiation or X-rays pass through the body they can damage and disrupt cells and DNA. This damage can cause the mutations that cause cancers and tumours.

Another place mobile phones can wreak havoc and damage DNA and cells is especially sensitive. For men, mobile phone radiation can kill and damage sperm, leading to male infertility.

Mobile phone radiation has been linked to male infertility in many studies and new ones are being carried out all the time. Some scientists said it was as if mobile phone radiation “cooked” sperm.

An anti-radiation phone case is starting to look pretty good right now, huh?

And that’s exactly what WaveWall cases do. An anti-radiation phone case that uses innovative technology to block mobile phone radiation – up to 85% of the EMF from your phone – and shield the body.

Did you know about your phone and mobile radiation? Would you use an anti-radiation phone case to protect yourself?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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