What iPhone 6 phone covers don’t do

The iPhone 6 came out in September 2014 and won back many fans who were beginning to despair of poor performance in previous Apple offerings. It’s still a very popular phone today and iPhone 6 phone covers are in big demand. So if you are looking for phone cases for the iPhone 6, what should you be looking at?

iPhones changed how we interact with our mobiles more than any other brand. The App Store revolutionised what phones were capable of. But that brought an ever-increasing reliance on our mobile phones. Now that they look after all our different needs – entertainment, banking, socialising, planning, working, shopping – not just communicating, we rely on them more and more and keep them close by at all times. On average we touch our phones 2617 times a day.

The incredible rise of the mobile phone has come at the same time as an incredible drop in something else – male fertility rates across the globe. And the two are connected, according to an increasing number of studies and research on mobile phone radiation.

Mobiles use an electromagnetic frequency to communicate with the network. This forms a field around the phone whenever it is switched on, even if it isn’t being used. This electromagnetic field can pass through the body, like other radiation such as X-rays. And when it does it can damage cells and DNA. This can cause tumours, cancers, and male infertility.

But the iPhone 6 phone covers you choose for your phone can fight against mobile phone radiation. WaveWall Universal is an anti-radiation iPhone 6 phone cover that shields your body from the electromagnetic fields surrounding your phone. You can keep using your phone as normal but protected from the mobile phone radiation that has been found to cause cancer, tumours, and male infertility.

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