The unsung Samsung phone case

Samsung phones are often overlooked in favour of the Apple giant but they are an incredibly popular phone that has many fans and is leading the way in technology. Nor do they enjoy the vast number of accessories and add-ons that iPhones do. A Samsung phone case is much harder to find than its Apple counterpart.

Samsung is a South Korean company who first forays into Android smartphones began in 2009 with nothing all that special. The now-familiar Galaxy S range began a year later. The S2 was the first big smash, it sold 10 million units in its first months back in 2011.

By the time the S5 came out in 2014 the rest of the mobile phone market was going strong and it was overshadowed, but the S6 put the brand back on track and saw the introduction of the Edge variant as well. The newest S8 model is pushing the barriers of smartphone design, with its massive screen and Infinity Display. What will the S9 bring?

So that’s the phone so many of us know and love. Why is it so hard to find a Samsung phone case if they are such a popular model? Designers just love making stuff for Apple products and it leaves everyone else a bit lost.

You could look for a specifically Samsung phone case or you could choose a universal phone case like WaveWall Universal. It’s not just a regular Samsung phone case either – it has innovative mobile phone radiation shielding fabric. Mobile phone radiation can cause cancer, tumours and male infertility.

But with WaveWall Universal you get a great Samsung phone case to protect your phone and protect yourself.

Do you love the Samsung brand? Or are you a die-hard iPhone fan?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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