The universal phone case from WaveWall

We expect a lot from our mobile phones nowadays. New models are pulling out all the stops. Larger screens, smaller bevels, vastly more computing power and better features.

It’s a far cry from the first mobiles. It was all they could do to make a short call and had to go on charge after 30 minutes.

Now our mobile phones hold our entertainment, organise our social lives, run our businesses, unlock our cars and houses, and track our health and fitness. To keep up with current technologies new phones are released almost constantly and most people upgrade every two years, if not more.

That problem is that the more powerful our phones become the more damage they could be doing us. More and more research is coming out linking mobile phone radiation with cancer, tumours and male infertility.

The electromagnetic fields from the phone pass through body tissue and can corrupt cells and DNA. This is what causes cancers and tumours and when the radiation comes into contact with sperm it can damage their development. Some experts compared it to ‘cooking’ sperm.

So for the new kinds of mobile phones and the new dangers they bring we need a new kind of anti-radiation mobile phone case. WaveWall Universal is a universal phone case that can be used with all the big name makes and models. It comes in two sizes, one for smaller and one for larger phones.

With a universal phone case there’s no need for a new one when you get a new phone, it changes phones with you. Our universal phone case is easy to fit and use and has lots of great extras like RFID wallet protection to keep your credit card data safe. Plus it protects you from up to 86% of mobile phone radiation, without changing how you use your phone.

Is a phone case an essential part of your mobile phone kit? What extras do you wish yours had?  

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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