The shielded phone case that does more

Phone cases already have one very important job: protecting your phone from accidents like drops and scratches. Some people use them to express a bit of personality: something understated and expensive, though you might want to have a read of our article on leather phone cases before you go that route; or custom printed with kids etc.

But our cases can do so much more. WaveWall’s shielded phone case, the WaveWall Universal, is one such example.

A shielded phone case is a reaction to the fact our phones do so much more than just make calls. They have become an integral part of our life, rarely out of arm’s reach. Not only for communication, we use our mobile phones to organise our lives, run our businesses, get us where we are going and keep us entertained.

With everything “in the cloud” and the unlimited connections, our phones are constantly checking in with the network for updates and data. They do this even when not actively in use – whenever they are switched on they are busy even while quiet. This near-constant communication with the network is powered by the phone’s electromagnetic field that reaches about six inches around the phone.

The problem is that this electromagnetic field passes through the body and the mobile radiation has been found to damage cells and DNA, leading to cancer, tumours and male infertility. More and more studies are showing mobile phone radiation has these damaging side effects. At the same time, we are using our phones more and more.

A shielded phone case protects the body from that electromagnetic radiation. The WaveWall Universal blocks 85% of radiation from entering the body and doesn’t affect how you use your phone. Special anti-radiation fabric deflects the mobile radiation away from the body.

So you can get a mobile phone case that does more – keeps you safe as well as your phone.

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