The problems with keeping your phone close by

Stop what you are doing for a moment and look around you. Where is your mobile phone? If you are anything like most people it will be close by. Probably within arm’s reach or on your body in a pocket or bag.

Have you ever felt edgy or worried when your phone is further away from you? A lot of people do. We have become so accustomed to having our phones with us all the time. We use them not just to communicate but to keep us entertained and in touch with the world, to stave off boredom and a fear of missing out.

Keep your friends close and your enemies closer, the saying goes. And your phone might be more of an enemy than you realise.

Mobile phone addiction a rising problem with our mobiles giving us always-on access to the news and current affairs as well as the social statuses of everyone we know and causing anxiety, depression and insomnia. Being deprived of their mobile phone can trigger withdrawal symptoms in people and release cortisone – the stress hormone.

There’s another reason to put a bit of distance between yourself and your phone. Mobile phones use an electromagnetic field to send and receive information from the network. This electromagnetic field is on whenever the phone is and for a lot of people that means 24/7. It extends about six inches around the phone, including into your body if it’s within six inches of you.

The EMF is a form of radiation and when it passes through the body it subjects your cells and DNA to radiation too. This is what has led to the increase in mobile phone related tumours and cancer. For men there is another side effect – infertility.

Sperm are constantly developing in a man’s privates, they are being made and growing all the time. But they are being bombarded with mobile radiation, especially as many men keep their phone in their front pocket or on their belt and well within six inches of their baby-making area. More and more studies are showing that the rise in mobile phones is linked to the fall in levels of male fertility.

It is getting worse across the globe. Research now says that one in five healthy young men aged 18-25 have abnormal sperm counts. Some experts described mobile phone radiation as “cooking” sperm as it damages their DNA and development leading to a lower sperm count and more damaged, weaker sperm.

While the prospect of cancer or infertility is scary, for a lot of people their phones have a greater and more powerful hold over them. You can have the best of both worlds with WaveWall anti-radiation mobile phone cases and covers. WaveWall technology blocks 85% of radiation from entering the body but you can also use your phone as normal.

Where is your mobile phone right now? Do you often have it within six inches of your body?

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