The mobile phone and modern romance

The mobile phone and modern romance really is a match made in heaven. The internet changed the dating game over a decade ago and more recently mobile phone apps made finding a date a simple matter of swiping right or left.

The search is on and a few well-lit selfies taken on a phone adorn the dating profile page. It might mention our romance-seekers occupation but probably not how much work they take home. Research shows people work an extra two hours a week using their phones and mobile devices.

Maybe after an initial connection the love birds share social media profiles. The exhaustive clicking through photo albums begins. Status updates become advertisements. Who is having the most carefree fun. Social media has a large part to play in social anxiety. Many people find social media fuels their obsessive checking, mobile phone addiction, status anxiety, narcissism, loneliness and depression. Mobile phones put all that just an arm’s length away.

On a first date a discreet text message can prompt a getaway phone call. But assuming all is well it seems this advice needs repeating: leave the phones alone on a date. Mobiles should never be on the table at a restaurant – even when people think they won’t check, they will. It can be shocking to see the number of times people do check their phones and take attention away from whatever it is they should be doing.

A few great dates under their belts and now the great angst-ridden dilemma of modern times: changing the Facebook relationship status.

Now our young loves share funny cat photos and read the news together in bed. Not the Sunday morning breakfast in bed with the paper spread everywhere but on their phones, the blue light of their screens lighting up the bedroom long into the night. Then the next morning there is tiredness, irritability and moodiness.

There is a link there, between the mobiles and other devices and the bad night’s sleep. That blue light mimics the light of the sun and tells our bodies to stay awake. Without producing the sleep hormone it is harder to get a good night’s sleep. Not only does sleep deprivation make people grumpy but can cause stress, depression, obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Even our most private lives are not safe from mobile phones. Performance in the bedroom is affected by tiredness but mobile phones cause another problem that might become a huge issue for our couple further down the line. The way mobile phones work with their electromagnetic field to communicate with the wifi or network tower, keeps us in a fog of electromagnetic radiation all day. This radiation passes through our bodies and can have an especially bad effect on the gentlemen.

Very near where the mobile phone is kept in a pocket or on a belt is the future baby-making facilities and living in this mobile phone radiation is having a devastating effect on sperm. Male infertility is becoming a global concern as rates fall. While kids might still be a glint in our new couple’s eye it’s a long term issue that bears thinking about.

WaveWall can’t help with some of the trickier points of modern romance but has got the health concerns covered. Blue light filters to get you a good rest and the WaveWall anti-radiation phone case that blocks up to 85% of mobile phone radiation from entering the body.

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