The Male Infertility X Factor

The last few weeks we have looked more in depth at what male infertility actually is and some of the causes. Some may have surprised you, such as the description by doctors of mobile phone radiation “cooking” sperm.

Mobile phone radiation is the subject of increasing study but still not enough is known about this X factor in male infertility.

How it works is that mobile phones emit electromagnetic radiation in order to communicate wirelessly with signal towers to send and receive information. This cloud of radiation is on whenever your phone is – not just when on a call or using data. It can actually be stronger at other times, such as when searching for a signal.

This electromagnetic field is measured and there are industry standards in place. You can find out your phone’s SAR rating – Standard Absorption Rate – which means how much radiation is absorbed by the body. There will be a paragraph in the small print of your phone manual that tells you about the SAR and warns you to keep the phone slightly away from your body.

Another problem is where men tend to keep their phones. In a front pocket or clipped on a belt is right in the danger zone for sperm. The few millimetres that your manual recommends is nowhere near the actual size of the electromagnetic field. The SAR has many limitations and many people claim it is not fit for purpose and focussing primarily on the risks of cancer from mobile phone radiation – not infertility.

More and more research is showing a link between mobile phone radiation and male infertility. Sperm are being produced constantly and when that is happening within an electromagnetic field produced by mobile phones they can be damaged by the radiation.

Added to which mobile phones are more likely to mean you work more and can be a major cause of sleep disorders. Which can cause a whole range of health problems including stress and obesity which are… you guessed it, factors in male infertility. Find out more in blue light explained.

So what is the answer? More research and action by mobile phone manufacturers is one thing, but how do you protect yourself right now? WaveWall anti-radiation phone cases block 85% of mobile phone radiation from entering the body – without getting in the way of using your phone.

Should there be more research into mobile phone radiation and male infertility?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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