The Invisible Poison: Is it in Your Pocket?

You may have heard rumors somewhere that heavy use of cell phones can lead to brain cancer or other complications.  However, with the negative effects of cell phones typically being subtle at most, those dangers seem distant to most people. If you don’t talk on the phone too much and therefore don’t worry about developing brain cancer, you may want to consider other less known cell phone hazard scientists are uncovering.

Mobile phones, when picking up and maintaining service, emit what is called radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR).  These invisible waves seem to have the potential to damage the body in the same way chemo-therapy often has done to cancer patients.  Though the waves emitted from cell phones are much less intense, constant proximity to them may cause problems for your health.

Is your mobile phone damaging your sperm?

Emerging studies on this issue have found a number of complications which seem to be correlated with cell phone use.

A few of the major issues emerging are in the following areas:

Effects on hormone levels:

In one study from Qazvin University in Iran, lab rabbits were shown to have decreased levels of testosterone and follicle stimulating hormones when compared with groups who were not exposed at all or exposed significantly less. Another study from King Saud University brought validation to this study when it found lab rats that were exposed for an hour a day to cell phone radiation experienced a significant decrease in testosterone.

Effects on male fertility: 

With testosterone being the male sex hormone, which aids in fertility, the threat cell phones pose to its levels also threatens the subject’s ability to reproduce.  In addition, a study by the University of Exeter revealed that cell phone radiation damages sperm viability and motility.

Overall, there has been a significant decrease in fertility across the board.  Recently, it was found that 14% of couples reported have trouble conceiving, and 40% of the time this is on the part of the males.  The issue is as of yet unexplained, but given that males often keep their phones in their pockets near their waist, cell phones may be the culprit.

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity:

Another emerging issue seems to be that a very small portion of the population is actually developing intolerance to the prevalent invisible wave fields that are now all around us.  Whether it is cell phone service, wifi or anything like it, some people receive noticeable physical effects such as headaches, tingling skins, fatigue and stress. This is very concerning, as it is nearly impossible in the modern developed world to get away from these electromagnetic fields.  If this medical issue becomes anymore prevalent, major structural changes to our technology network may be necessary in order to accommodate persons with this disability.

In any case, the potential hazards of cell phone use should be taken into account.  Before we are faced with larger issues, we must begin to envision solutions to the problem of relying so heavily on a new technology that might just be hurting us. It is unlikely anyone has the answer as of now, but the first step is always recognizing the problem.

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