The good, the bad and the ugly of mobile phone cases

The internet has been having a good laugh over the mobile phone cases recently found on Amazon featuring the strangest of stock photography. They range from the banal to the bizarre – pictures of pipes and soap dispensers to men in nappies.

It’s an automated “throw it against the wall and see if it sticks” approach from the manufacturers, who create the cheapest possible product and reviews have shown they are as low quality as you would imagine.

But mobile phone cases can be so much more than cheap and flimsy plastic with a randomly printed picture.Printed phone cases are very popular and as everything is done so cheaply the company involved may make a tiny profit from sales if they manage to accidentally alight on anything even vaguely saleable. Or they might now become ironically popular.

At WaveWall our mobile phone cases don’t just protect your phone from knocks, drops and cracks – they protect your body from mobile phone radiation caused by EMF and have lots of other handy features like space for your cards and RFID protection too.

Keeping our phones close by means the electromagnetic fields they operate on, and the mobile phone radiation that causes, passes through our body all day. It disrupts and damages cells and DNA which leads to cancer, tumours and male infertility.

The WaveWall Universal comes in two sizes, for large and smaller screens. It fits all the major makes and models. There’s space for your cards. And it comes with innovative anti-radiation fabric to shield your body from mobile phone radiation, deflecting it away while leaving your phone free to be used normally.

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