The flip phone case versus plummeting sperm counts

The flip phone, once the height of cool, has largely gone the way of the dinosaurs. And according to recent reports humanity might be doing the same – with plummeting sperm counts across the globe. The flip phone case lives on, with its convenient flip out design. And it might even help with the second problem too.

Whether you still think a flip out phone was the coolest thing or just prefer the convenience and ease of use of a flip phone case, you can appreciate the cleverly crafted WaveWall Flip. And it has a hidden superpower. Within the case is innovative anti-radiation fabric that blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from reaching the body.

Mobile phone radiation has been shown in many studies – with new ones coming out all the time – to cause male infertility. And it has also been found responsible for cancers and tumours. The World Health Organisation rated mobile phones as “possibly carcinogenic to humans”. Meaning that they could cause cancer.

Mobile phone radiation is the energy field that surrounds the phone about six inches all around. It can pass through the body, and when it does it can damage cells and DNA.

Where do a lot of men keep their mobile phone all day? In their front pocket or on a belt. And what’s within six inches of there? That’s where the male infertility comes in. Because sperm are developing and growing constantly they are especially at risk. Damage to their cells and DNA can kill them, make them weak or defective, and unable to do their job.

So if you love a good flip phone case for its ease of use, make sure you get one that protects you as well as your phone.

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