The EMF phone case explained

Have you heard phone cases described as an EMF phone case, anti-radiation phone case, or similar? It might sound a bit odd if you aren’t familiar with the background. What is an EMF phone case, and why is it important?

First things first, what is EMF? EMF stands for ElectroMagnetic Field or Frequency. An EMF phone case means that the phone case blocks EMF. Mobile phones run on EMF but it is dangerous to humans – the World Health Organisation said mobile phone radiation was a Category 2 threat, “possibly carcinogenic” to humans. Carcinogenic means having the potential to cause cancer.

Mobile phones have increasingly been linked to cancer and tumours. And also to male infertility. When the EMF enters the body it damages and disrupts cells and DNA. It’s this damage that can cause tumours to grow and cancer to form. Damage to developing sperm can make it non-viable, too slow or weak to fertilise an egg. Too many damaged sperm leads to male infertility.

The wider electromagnetic spectrum is made up of different frequencies including visible light, radio waves, infrared and X rays. The mobile phone radiation type is much more like X rays in that it passes through the body but can be dangerous.

And just like X rays the technology of mobiles phones depends on the EMF. It can’t be removed without fundamentally changing the way the device works. It also applies to wifi devices.

So rather than changing the mobile phone, enter the EMF phone case that blocks EMF. WaveWall Universal has innovative radiation shielding fabric that stops up to 85% of mobile phone radiation from entering the body – without changing how you use your phone. Laptop cases and iPad cases are also available.

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