Talking About Mobile Phone Radiation

A great video to share today with Dr Devra Davis, president of the Environmental Health Trust and author, on the Thom Hartmann Show talking about cell phones and the damage they cause. Well worth a watch, the video quickly outlines various health risks increasingly associated with mobile phones and some of the studies taking place.

Dr Davis tackles brain cancer, effects on the nervous system, behavioural difficulties among children and sperm count and fertility issues.


YouTube video

The technology of mobile phones and wireless devices relies on electromagnetic frequencies that pass through the body: the brain when held up to the face, and other areas when kept in a pocket or on a belt. It is active not just when using the phone but any time it is switched on and can be at its strongest when searching for reception and a signal.

There are many ways that this radiation harms sperm and fertility and you can read more about the effects and studies in mobile radiation explained. Male fertility is a delicate balance of factors but we know that mobile phone radiation damages all of them, from testosterone production to the number of sperm being made and their speed, strength and quality.

Many men keep their phones in their pocket or on a belt for hours and hours each day. It’s not just the time spent using the phone that causes damage but this downtime too and, crucially, where and how the phone is stored.

In the video Dr Davis talks about using the phone with a headset or on speaker but there is another way – WaveWall is an anti-radiation phone case that blocks the electromagnetic radiation from getting into the body. Whether the phone is in use or stored in a pocket it doesn’t affect reception or service, just blocks 80% of harmful radiation from getting into the body.

Did you learn anything new about cell phones from the video?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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