Public Opinion on Mobile Radiation

Last month, we conducted a survey with 100 American men, asking them how they felt about cell phones and if they thought it had anything to do with increasing rates of infertility.

A majority of people think that cell phones may affect your health. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they think mobile radiation would cause cancer or infertility specifically, but in general that it is not good for you.

67% think that phones may affect your health!
Even if it is a “maybe” or “perhaps,” at least 67% of those surveyed felt that phones could affect your health. This is huge considering phone companies have refused to admit to any type of adverse effect of mobile radiation and have fought to hide warning labels of exceeding legal limits if used improperly. It is true that if you pull out your iPhone manual, you will find a clause stating that if you hold your phone less than 5/8″ (15mm) from your body, legal limits for mobile radiation could be exceeded. Scary.

Half of people worry about being on the phone for too long. Whether sometimes, occasionally, or all the time, 50% of people think that excessive phone use could affect your health.

Half of people worry about being on the phone too long!
There have been some studies that have alluded to brain cancer from excessive phone use in the past, though these are difficult to prove and thus difficult to believe. Even so, most people are concerned after using the phone for a long time after feeling their skin heated by the mobile radiation.

Many people think that cell phones may affect fertility.

35% of men think that phones affect fertility

Surprising more people responded “no” to worrying about the effects of being on the phone too long than if it affects fertility. This means that men are more concerned with phones affecting fertility than their head or skin. Though many have “never thought about it,” there are many studies today that show the correlation between mobile radiation and infertility.

Despite many feeling that cell phones could potentially affect fertility, 85% still keep their phones in their pockets.

Almost everyone keeps their phone in their pockets

Further, only 12% have had their fertility checked by a doctor, which means that 88% haven’t checked their fertility though there is much concern over the matter–there is a disconnect in the statistics.

Most men do not check their fertility though they may be concerned about it

Why such a disconnect? If a majority of the people think that cell phones could be potentially harmful and affect fertility, why still keep your cell phone in your front pocket right next to your sensitive area? And why not see a doctor if there is concern?

Cell phone companies are trying to make the problem irrelevant by hiding warning labels, dismissing further scientific research, and discouraging public education on the topic.

Why else do you think that most people think that phones could be harmful but don’t question more?

Where do you fall in these results? 


Share your thoughts in the comment section below!  

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