WaveWall Wallet – RFID Shielded Wallet


WaveWall Wallet – RFID Shielded Wallet

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Contactless cards have turned small transactions effortless, but are they also making fraud and identity theft easier?

Are you worried about wireless criminals stealing your sensitive data from the contactless cards in your wallet? All it takes is a fraudster to be standing next to you with the right scanning equipment to wirelessly steal your credit card details along with any other sensitive data stored in your contactless or RFID cards in your wallet.

It’s a big security risk and one that is only going to get more common as contactless technology gets more popular.

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Protect your wallet now with an RFID shielded wallet from WaveWall

You can protect your contactless cards, bank accounts and personal data by shielding them from malicious scanning with an RFID shielded wallet. The same technology that lets you effortlessly touch your card to pay can also be used to steal the information on your cards that can be used for fraud.

But you can block your cards from being scanned, using an RFID shielded wallet from WaveWall.

Data is transmitted wireless from your cards to contactless readers via RFID – which stands for Radio Frequency Identification. This radio frequency can be blocked so no information can be passed.

WaveWall have lots of experience in blocking wireless signals – our anti-radiation mobile phone cases work in the same way.

So the WaveWall Wallet uses the same proven and tested proprietary shielding technology to keep your cards safe.

Our smart and stylish wallet is made of high quality faux leather and has lots of great features. Store cards, cash and notes safely and securely.

Most importantly, the WaveWall Wallet shields your cards to keep them safe from contactless criminals while in your wallet. Our innovative shielding technology blocks the radio frequencies used by criminals to steal the data from your cards.

Don’t give fraudsters any opportunity to steal your sensitive information. Protect yourself with an RFID shielded wallet from WaveWall.

Wallet Dimensions: 10x9cm

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Have to say, had this only a week but it is best. You know when you get something good you feel you should get another before it may disappear, and you would feel sad if it did, this is how I feel. Hope it lasts and I think it will. Best wallet I ever had. I am 50. Another one is on my wish list. Well done Wavewall. Enjoy.