WaveWall Pad – A Stylish, Protective Shield for Your Lap


Our laptop pad gives you complete defense against the heat and radiation from your laptop. The simple pad just sits on your lap under your laptop and cuts radiation and heat.

It’s easy to settle your laptop when you are using a pad rather than just on your lap. Made with hi-tech fabric weaving strands of silver to block the radiation from passing through. It also has a cooling layer to make using your laptop more comfortable, as well as safer for your private parts.

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13-inch Screen
15-inch Screen
17-inch Screen


There’s no change to how you use your laptop – WiFi and Bluetooth will still work. You don’t need to do anything other than slip the comfy pad between you and your laptop. Keep it at home for when you are sat on the sofa or slip it into your bag for when you are out and about. It’s slim and light so you can take it anywhere.

Protection from heat and radiation from your laptop couldn’t be simpler!

What’s wrong with having your laptop in your lap?

It’s in the name, so where else would you put it? Despite that, it can be really bad for you to sit your laptop in your lap. The electromagnetic radiation, wifi signals, and heat, can all damage your body.

For men this can be over the vulnerable area where sperm are being made – and lots of studies link this kind of wireless radiation, as well as the excess heat, to damaging sperm. Which can contribute to the growing problem of male infertility.

For women the heat and radiation can still enter the body and damage cells and DNA.

This radiation has been found to damage sperm and cause male infertility, and could cause cancers and tumours.

So WaveWall’s clever laptop pad creates a barrier between you and your laptop. Cutting out up to 85% of the radiation from your laptop, stopping it from reaching the body. You’ll notice a difference in the heat from your laptop and you’ll know it’s cutting down on radiation too.

If you’ve ever had a moment of concern about sitting your laptop in your lap your instinct was right. You need anti-radiation technology to keep your body safe from harm. It’s an increasing health risk but it’s so simple to protect yourself!

There’s also the WaveWall Laptop Case that gives extra protection to your laptop and looks like a normal laptop case. But you can use it like the pad to sit your laptop on and get protection from heat and radiation.

Product Dimensions:

  • 17-inch – 40.3 x 27.7 cm
  • 15-inch – 37 x 26 cm
  • 13-inch – 33 x 23.5 cm
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13-inch Screen, 15-inch Screen, 17-inch Screen

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Laptop Pad Review

Great slim design. I can feel less heat and pressure being radiating down to my lap.


I like so much this WaveWall Pad. I am so glad! Thank you!

Sturdy WaveWall Pad

Beautiful sturdy path.
It does not completely stop the heat from my (very hot) laptop, but it is sufficient and much better than without.
I assume that it will stop all radiation and that is what it is all about.
Very friendly and helpfull people. Thank you Harry for all your patience.
Greetings from France

WaveWall Pad

Really great idea for travellers using laptop with no access to a desk! My daughter uses in bed and hubby when in comfy chair and needs to look up something quickly. Lightweight and simple to use. Thank you

Smart, sturdy and well made.

Smart, sturdy and well made. I do not feel any heat radiating from my laptop when it is on my lap. Happy with my purchase.