New review of mobile phone radiation and infertility studies

A new review has been completed of studies on mobile phones and male infertility. 21 studies showed a link and of special concern is where men keep their phones.

University of Newcastle, Australia, had a team going over the studies into mobile phones and male infertility. It finds consistent links between falling sperm counts and use of mobile phones.

Mobile phones work using electromagnetic radiation to form a field that is used to send messages wirelessly. The field is active whenever the phone is on, even when it is not being actively used. The phone is almost constantly communicating with its tower – searching for the network, checking for data and receiving updates.

This electromagnetic radiation passes through the body and is what the studies have found is causing damage to sperm.

Sperm is continually being produced and it is a delicate process. Massive amounts are involved – millions of sperm in each millilitre of semen output. And there are lots of things that can go wrong. Male fertility is measured in various ways including overall sperm count, sperm motility – movement, sperm viability – health – and testosterone levels.

The review saw that across the 21 studies there was an 8% reduction in sperm motility and 9% reduction in sperm viability. Though the percentages might seem small the margin between good levels of fertility and infertility is small too, so that 8 or 9 percentage points could make all the difference.

It’s especially important because of where many men store their mobile phone – in the front pocket of their trousers or on a belt. The study review is particularly interested in this placement and refers to it creating “a future health burden”.

It’s a tough call to give up your mobile phone, even with all the evidence. WaveWall cases allow normal use of the phone but blocks 85% of mobile phone radiation from reaching the body.

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