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So you’ve protected yourself or your loved ones with a WaveWall case, now what?

Did you know that while the WaveWall case blocks 85% of radiation from getting to your body, the moment you plug headphones or a headset in you are giving radiation a ride straight up to your head?

The wires in headphones conduct radiation, so the radiation passes along them to their destination right next to your brain. You are protecting yourself from your phone with the anti-radiation case but your head is still vulnerable.

Bluetooth headphones have their own radiation risks with the Bluetooth connection to the phone but Airtubes are a safe way to listen to music or chat on hands-free.

Airtubes are an innovative solution to that problem. The wires stop part way up – a safe distance from your brain. The tubes are then hollow as the sound passes through the last leg to the ear buds. The radiation cannot travel without the metallic wires so it cuts off the danger without affecting sound quality or needing any separate equipment.

Hands-free is often suggested as an option to make using mobile phones safer. It keeps your phone a safer distance from your body and head but leaves the wearer vulnerable to radiation travelling along the wires to the head, simply transferring the problem from one area to another.

WaveWall Airtubes are a stylish black and will fit any phone with the standard 3.5mm audio jack and look great doing it, as well as keeping you safe. WaveWall’s air tube headphones give clear sound and good bass along with essential protection from mobile phone radiation.

Did you know about the risk of using headphones with your mobile? Do you worry about any other sources of mobile phone radiation?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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