Mobile phones are the new cameras

Our phones are an all-in-one device for everything we need. They have our clocks including alarms and timers, our calendars, all our social connections, our banking, networking, TV, music players and radio, word processing, work programs and other entertainment needs.

Mobile phones have also been rapidly overtaking digital cameras – themselves young upstarts in the history of photography. The cameras on mobiles have been getting more powerful and has better resolution over the past few years. Taking photos on our phones is now big business with the likes of Instagram and Snapchat. It’s easier on our phones to use filters and instantly upload our pictures, rather than on most cameras.

Even professional photographers are getting in on the act and there is a boom in using mobiles to capture the more artistic photographs and street photography. Plus of course foodies snapping every meal to post mouthwatering galleries.

It’s yet another reason we like to keep our phones close at hand. We don’t want to miss out capturing a photo or video of an important or fun moment.

But there is a negative to have enough phones within arms reach all the time. Some people develop mobile phone addictions or experience anxiety from constantly using their phone to check social media.

And we expose ourselves to the electromagnetic frequencies our phones use. This field of electromagnetic radiation extends about six inches from our phones. Just like other forms of electromagnetic frequency the radio wave and x-ray it can pass through the body. And just like x-rays it can damage the body when it does.

Electromagnetic radiation damages cells and DNA in the body and can lead to tumours, cancer and male infertility. There are an increasing number of studies showing the harm that mobile radiation can do to the body. Male infertility is a growing problem across the globe and mobile radiation has been shown to damage the DNA of sperm, make them weaker, reduce their numbers and reduce testosterone – which all leads to infertility and an inability to conceive.

But we can still enjoy a snapping photos on our phones and using them as all in one communication and entertainment devices. WaveWall’s anti radiation cases and covers block 85% of mobile radiation from reaching the body. You can still use your phone normally – including the camera – but are protected from harmful mobile phone radiation.

Do you take a lot of photos on your phone? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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