Mobile phone side effects

Using your mobile to check for social media updates, browse the web, or play a game, is what makes smartphones so great. They are indispensable parts of our lives. But too much of a good thing can still be a problem.

Though mobile phone addiction is taking it to the extreme, a lot of us feel like we are spending too much time on our phones. That could be ourselves, our partner, our children, or everyone in general. It can lead to compulsively checking our phones and high levels of anxiety. 

Research has shown that people work more hours via a phone or tablet – including in the evenings, at weekends and even on holiday. Being able to check your email became being expected to check your email for a lot of people, or to answer or make calls when you should be off the clock. Cutting into our rest and relaxation time is just one of the ways that too much mobile phone use can be bad for us.

Even if we aren’t working on our phones, even when we think we are using them for relaxing, they can be doing us harm. Mobile phone, tablet and laptop screens emit light that is in the blue part of the spectrum. This is close to the wavelength of sunlight so you might think it is harmless. But this fake sunlight at nighttime stimulates the body to think it is still daytime and that it should be awake. Sleep hormones are not released and the natural circadian rhythm is disrupted.

This leads to sleep deprivation and not only all the effects of feeling tired constantly – like grumpiness, mood swings and being extra accident-prone. The medical consequences of sleep deprivation can include obesity, diabetes, stress, depression and cardiovascular disease.

Another danger lurking within our phones affects men and plays a part in a troubling worldwide trend – the decline of male fertility. With sperm counts dropping there has been more and more research into why. Increasing numbers of studies looking at mobile phone use are finding it links to male infertility.

The electromagnetic radiation that mobile phones produces in order to send data to the base towers or satellites forms a field around the phone that can be six inches in radius. The radiation passes through the body and experts have described it as “cooking” sperm. It is not helped by the fact that many men carry their phone in their front pocket or wear it on a belt.

You can get your mobile phone back under control. WaveWall’s anti-radiation phone case blocks up to 80% of the radiation from getting to the body. And WaveWall Sleep is a blue light filter and screen protector to protect your sleep patterns.

Have you seen any side effects from using your phone?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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