Mobile phone masts in the news again – but what about mobile phones?

The first time you heard about mobile phone radiation was probably more to do with mobile phone masts or cell towers than the phones themselves. Radiation concerns around phone masts are back in the headlines at the moment thanks to a big case in India.

With all the press coverage and law making it is easy to miss an important part of the picture: that those cell towers exist to serve a little antenna that is most likely within arms’ reach of you right now. It seems to be easier to get upset about the big, visible towers but forget about the miniature versions we keep in our pockets and on our bedside tables, by our sides all day and night.

But the technology and the use of electromagnetic fields (EMF) is the same. Mobile phones rely on EMF to work – to send and receive information from the phone mast that connects them to the network. This happens even when the phone isn’t actively being used. It still stays in communication with the tower checking for data, searching for a signal.

If you aren’t in range of a mast and the signal is weak your phone pumps out even more EMF in searching for the signal so it can stay connected. This EMF passes through the body just like radio waves and X rays, which are other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum.

We all know X rays affect the body and too much exposure is bad for us, which is why safety precautions have to be taken. There is increasing research showing that EMF mobile phone radiation is also harmful and can cause cancer, tumours and male infertility.

When EMF passes through the body where sperm is being made it damages their DNA, makes them weaker or kills them completely and lowers testosterone. When you think about where men often keep their mobile phones – on a belt or in their trouser pocket – you realise how long sperm is exposed to EMF. Some experts have described this EMF radiation as “cooking” sperm.

Mobile phone masts are a health concern that deserve to be studied more, as does the growing electromagnetic “smog” we live in. But we know mobile phones are already lowering sperm counts and making it harder for men to conceive.

There is a solution not available for cell towers: WaveWall mobile phone cases block 85% of this radiation from getting to the body. This is thanks to special fabric that shields and protects the body by reflecting the radiation. So protect yourself from mobile phone radiation now, with a WaveWall anti-radiation case.

Do you worry more about mobile phone masts or the harm from mobile phones themselves?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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