Making changes for your health

We humans like to think of ourselves as rational creatures. Homo sapiens – wise man. But in many ways we are creatures of habit, instinct and desire – not logic and rationality. Nowhere is this more in evidence than when it comes to our health. Over the years people have indulged in vices they know are bad for them and avoided things they know are of benefit.

Our bodies evolved to meet the challenges of millennia ago and have not yet caught up with the modern world of excess sugar, a sedentary lifestyle, and technology. Our responses are suited to conditions we have long outgrown. The thrill of escaping a sabre tooth tiger now drives us to parachute out of aeroplanes or take recreational drugs. The feast-or-famine approach to life on the ancient plains makes us eat and eat with no famine in sight.

We know these things are bad for us but a complicated set of ancient instincts, hormones, brain functions, willpower and other factors science is only beginning to discover, play havoc with our better intentions. It’s not as rational as it might at first seem: give up this one thing (smoking for instance) and get something else (better health and life expectancy) in return. Unfortunately, for a lot of us, the truth is we will struggle to change.

How far would you go to protect your health? What changes would you be willing to make?

One of the first things is you must know about the danger. After that, the simpler the solution the better. The easier it is to make a change the more likely you are to do it.

At WaveWall we are concerned with one increasing public health concern: male infertility. It’s on the rise all over the world and now one in five young men between 18 and 25 have abnormal sperm counts. More and more studies are coming out that point to our mobile phones as the culprit. The EMF radiation that our phones use passes through the body and corrupts the DNA and features of developing sperm. Some experts even called it “cooking” sperm.

Would you give up your mobile phone if you knew it was risking your chance to have a family in the future?

Because easier solutions are better we aren’t asking you to get rid of your phone. Instead you can continue to use it as normal and if you use a WaveWall anti-radiation case you can block 85% of the mobile phone radiation from reaching your body to protect your sperm and your fertility.

What would you do if you thought it might protect your fertility?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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