Little tricks for a healthier lifestyle

Despite what we like to think, humans aren’t all that rational. Day after day we make illogical and shortsighted choices. But it really doesn’t have to be that complicated. The best tricks are little adjustments that we hardly notice, but that can have big positive changes.

Most people could do with eating better and getting a bit healthier. But big resolutions to hit the gym and ditch sugar always seem scheduled for tomorrow and pushed further and further into the future. So what to do about it? Be prepared is a good motto. Planning your meals at the start of the week helps you make better choices. It can be cheaper too, avoiding takeaways or having to throw old food away. Having your exercise gear on hand means you don’t have any excuses not to go out. Stand up and move around every hour or so to get your blood pumping.

We all know how essential water is to life. But most of us don’t drink enough of it. A simple fix is to get a water bottle and keep it with you, having a little sip every so often. Or attach having a glass of water to other habits like cooking, first thing in the morning, or before you have a meal.

Not getting a good night’s rest doesn’t only make us tired and irritable the next day, it can cause medical problems too. Getting enough sleep makes us happier, less stressed, more creative, less accident-prone and healthier. For most people that is 8 hours a night. If you are regularly clocking less than that then you could be sleep deprived. Pick a time and stick to it – consistency is key here to helping you sleep. Avoid electronics before bed if you have difficulty nodding off.

It might be hard to admit but a lot of us spend too much time on our phones. Checking social media and surfing the web is a distraction and can be fun but often it is distracting us from spending quality time relaxing with our family and friends. Even more so if you are doing work on your phone after hours. Research has shown that some people check their phone every six seconds. So put it on silent, or out of reach. Have a “no phones during meals” rule and maybe even think about taking a digital detox.

Mobile phones are also a source of EMF radiation that can cause health issues such as tumours, cancer and male infertility. WaveWall has a range of radiation shielding phone cases, iPad cases and other products that protect you and your family from EMF exposure without having to give anything up – the simplest trick for a healthier lifestyle.

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