Krakow leads the way in EMF protection

Poland’s second largest city is leading the agenda in addressing electromagnetic pollution. Concerned by the “electromagnetic smog” the mayor is handing out meters for citizens to measure their exposure and a forum to discuss the issue, report findings and find solutions.

EMF exposure is a big and growing problem all over the world. You can read our previous articles about EMF exposure but it works something like this: all electrical devices emit an electromagnetic field (EMF). A growing number of these devices use a more powerful, non-ionising, varying electromagnetic radiation – devices like mobile phones, wifi and Bluetooth connected devices, smart devices in the home and street. These are clouding our homes and cities in EMF exposure like never before.

Because the wifi revolution is so new there hasn’t been enough research yet, or on the long term effects of living in the electromagnetic fields of so many devices.

What research there has been points to some very serious side effects on human health, including cancer, brain tumours and male infertility.

The electromagnetic radiation passes through our bodies – the same as radio waves and x-rays which are part of the same electromagnetic spectrum. Like x-rays they can affect and alter our DNA and developing cells, causing cancer and infertility. We spend unprecedented amounts of time within these electromagnetic fields.

Men’s fertility is particularly vulnerable. Sperm are constantly being made and are often within the electromagnetic field of the mobile phone – especially when men carry them all day in their trouser pocket or on a belt. Some experts have described this as being like “cooking” the sperm and it can damage all elements of sperm health and viability, leading to infertility.

There are a number of factors that affect male fertility and across the globe sperm counts are falling. Mobile phones add yet another factor to affect fertility and could push men with already-low sperm counts into infertile territory.

EMF protection can come from city initiatives but individuals can get EMF protection for themselves with WaveWall cases. The radiation-blocking phone case blocks 85% of radiation from reaching the body all while allowing you to use the phone normally. It works by deflecting the phone’s electromagnetic field away from the body to drastically reduce EMF exposure.

There’s growing understanding of the dangers of EMF exposure but you don’t need to wait for your government to act – get your own EMF protection now, with WaveWall.

What do you think about Krakow’s initiatives? Do you know any other initiatives taken by cities to tackle EMF exposure?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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