Is Your Phone Killing Your Sperm?

There have been vague warnings over the last decade about the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, but few have paid much attention.  The common connection with health concerns regarding talking on the cell phone is that it may cause brain cancer because of the constant close proximity to the head.

Especially since the age of texting, this has become less and less of a concern.  Casually, many people opt to text rather than call to talk to friends and family, so therefore that brain cancer thing is a worry of the past, right?

Recent studies have suggested that cell phones are causing issues in areas you’ve likely never thought of before.  Typically, men keep their cell phones in their pockets right around the waist area.  Many scientists are now hypothesising and proving in isolated experiments that a cell phone’s constant proximity to the genital area can cause sperm deficiency.

Most males keep their phone in their front trouser pocket...right next to their testicles!

Keep in mind that the idea is not unreasonable.  Cell phones emit a field of waves called radio-frequency electromagnetic radiation (RF-EMR).  The International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified these frequencies as possibly carcinogenic to humans.  While the waves emitted from cell phones are not as high-frequency and immediately dangerous as microwaves or waves used in chemotherapy, they are of the same class.  The concern is primarily about the constant exposure many people have to these fields.

Numerous studies across the world from universities such as Exeter and Shiraz have found that increased cell phone proximity to the waist in males has resulted in decreased motility, viability and in some cases, concentration.

While there is no certain cause for immediate alarm, it is certainly worth mentioning and keeping in mind that, though invisible, there is likely a great danger lurking in the constant use of your cell phone.

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