Is there really a safe way to hold and use your cell phone?

Radiation from phones has repeatedly been linked to infertility, cancer and other conditions which is worrying news about a product we depend on every day to stay in touch and keep us entertained. There are different ways people try to minimize that risk but is there really a safe way to hold and use your cell phone?

Buried in the small print of your manual might be recommendations to hold your phone away from your ear when speaking on it. That’s not very helpful if you are out and about on the street or in a busy, noisy place. For a hands-free experience you might use the kit supplied with your phone or other headphones to keep your phone away from your face. But where does the phone end up then? Tucked in your jacket or trouser pocket?

Most people keep their mobile phone in a pocket for at least part of the day or even hours at a time. There are a variety of armbands and other products so you can keep your phone on you while you exercise. But in the manual it will probably warn you not to carry your phone that close to your body – despite the manufacturers knowing so many people do.

Your phone is emitting and receiving electromagnetic radiation whenever it is switched on and in most common modes, not just when you are using it for a call. Putting the phone in airplane mode can help but most people need to be able to make and take calls or use the internet and other services. That’s why we have them, after all!

When you rely on having your phone close to hand and carrying it around with you everywhere you need to combine the convenience of using your phone with staying safe from harmful radiation. An anti-radiation phone case shields you from radiation without impacting the performance of your phone, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Where do you keep your cell phone?

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