Is radiation from cell phones harmful?

If only cell phones didn’t emit radiation they would be the perfect technology. They have radically improved our communications, and are changing our lives. But unfortunately, the radiation issue is one we cannot sensibly ignore. Scientific research is clear that the microwaves cell phones produce are harmful. And although this is inconvenient, the consequences of ignoring the science are dire.

The real danger arises from our willingness to trade safety for convenience. Cell phones are so useful, and the radiation so easy to ignore, that we often just get on with our lives and pretend the issue does not exist. But just because radiation is invisible and intangible does not reduce its danger.

Cell phone radiation has been demonstrated to diminish fertility in particular. Infertility now affects 1 in 25 men, with 1 in 5 young, healthy men at risk due to abnormal sperm counts. With scientific studies showing that mobile radiation causes reduced sperm motility, poor sperm viability and low testosterone levels, it is plainly no coincidence that rising cell phone use has been matched by rising infertility.

But although the best documented, fertility is not the only area of human health at risk due from our addiction to cell phones. Cell phone radiation is categorised as potentially carcinogenic, and there is strong evidence of a correlation between certain brain cancers and cell phone use.

Don’t downsize the risk of cell phone radiation just because it is invisible. The science is the key, and it is unequivocal. Fortunately, you no longer have to throw away your phone to stay safe. Manufacturers are beginning to create radiation-free cell phone cases that have the potential to end this world-wide health problem. Be aware of the risks and remember to use your cell phone intelligently.

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