Is EMF Exposure Killing the Bees?

The decline of the bee population is causing concern all over the world – and mobile phones could be to blame. How is it happening, and what does it mean for us?

We have talked about electromagnetic radiation a lot on the blog – you can get up to speed here if you have missed any of the background. Everything gives off an electromagnetic frequency, all electronics have an electromagnetic field and mobile phones use an electromagnetic field of varying strength to communicate with the network, as do other wireless technologies.

The massive explosion in Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and mobile phones have created an “electromagnetic smog” that is alarming experts for all sorts of reasons.

At the same time the bee population has been declining all over the world. This is a much bigger problem than it might sound at first as bees do a massive amount of work for us in pollinating crops and other plants.

It has been estimated that if humans had to pay for this work to be done it would cost trillions. We don’t have the technology for it in any case. And if you have watched the latest episode of Black Mirror you will be glad we don’t have the technology for artificial bees.

So how do the two connect? Bees are incredibly susceptible to electromagnetic fields. Scientists in Switzerland subjected them to the electromagnetic frequencies from mobile phones and the bees abandoned their hive. Multiple studies have shown the same thing – bees cannot function properly under the extreme blanket of EMF that we have created. They get confused, they leave hives and ultimately die.

Not only is the declining bee population causing big problems for us but mobile phones and EMF exposure has side effects for humans too.

Some people have extreme cases of electromagnetic hypersensitivity that can give them fainting spells, nausea, migraines and palpitations. For the rest of us, even if we don’t notice it, living with EMF exposure and mobile phone radiation can cause cancer, tumours and male infertility.

WaveWall products protect you from mobile phone radiation and EMF exposure. WaveWall cases block 85% of radiation from reaching your body and the innovative Airtubes stop radiation from travelling to your brain along normal headphone wires. What is happening to the bees is a problem we have yet to figure out but you can protect yourself and your family now with WaveWall.

Do you think EMF exposure could be killing bees? What could it be doing to humans? 

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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