Industry going to court over mobile phone radiation warnings

The mobile phone industry is taking the city of Berkeley in California to court over compulsory warnings of mobile phone regulation.

When the law was brought in a legal challenge was immediately announced and the courts are now hearing the different sides of the argument. The city required shops selling phones to put up signs highlighting warnings about mobile phone use and the risks of mobile phone radiation. The mobile phone industry believes this interferes with the right to free speech, by forcing it on these shops.

These warnings already exist, but are buried in the fine print of phone manuals. Many warn of the dangers of prolonged use or of close contact. Most will recommend a phone be kept slightly away from the body when in use – about 6mm – and further when not being used.

Putting the warning in bigger letters and in plain sight will make it noticeable for the first time to the majority of us who do not read our phone manual from cover to cover. A common concern is that the radiation emitted by phones can pass into the brain and cause cancer and related illnesses.

But even when not in use mobiles are contributing to another public health risk: the global decline of male fertility.

Increasing numbers of studies show a link between mobile phone radiation and damage to sperm leading to male infertility. The radiation forms a field up to six inches around the phone and it is active whenever the phone is switched on, not just when being used. The phone needs the electromagnetic field to communicate to the tower or satellite and it does that constantly – checking reception, for updates and new data.

Because many men keep their phone in a trouser pocket or on a belt all day long they are constantly subjecting their privates to an effect one study described as “cooking sperm.”

More knowledge about the potential health risks of mobile phones is important, but so is getting protected. The WaveWall range of radiation-blocking mobile phone cases stop 85% of radiation from reaching the body. So you can carry your phone and enjoy all the benefits while protecting yourself from the risks.

Do you think these warnings are helpful, or over the top? Do you think people would be surprised to learn about the health risks of mobile phones?  

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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