How WaveWall Flip Works

The layer composition of WaveWall phone cases.

Independent testing has shown that WaveWall Shielding Technology reduces the amount of mobile phone radiation that reaches your body by 87%. But how does it do this?

WaveWall’s patent-pending design incorporates a unique fabric constructed from metallic fibres. A layer of this fabric is sandwiched between the leather on one side of the case and its microfibre lining. Although you cannot see the metallic fabric, whenever your phone is switched on this protective layer is defending you from the harmful electromagnetic radiation that your mobile produces.

A long-established scientific concept adapted to a new use.

When the WaveWall case is placed the correct way round in your pocket (WaveWall logo against your body), the metallic fabric redirects radiation away from your body. The way it works is that the metallic fibres in the fabric act like a Faraday cage, dissipating the electromagnetic microwaves before they reach your body. You can understand this easily if you think of the microwaves as being larger than the tiny gaps between the metallic fibres, and therefore unable to pass between them. Instead of penetrating the metallic fabric, the microwaves just bounce off.

The basic concept of using metal shielding to deflect electromagnetism is tried and tested, and has been used for years. What makes WaveWall unique is the way we have adapted the concept to create a discrete, convenient and easily portable ‘shield’ to allow safe use of a mobile phone.

How WaveWall Shielding Technology works

Safe and effective, without interfering with your mobile’s reception.

A particular feature of WaveWall cases is that although they stop radiation from reaching your body, they do not interfere at all with your mobile phone’s reception. This is because the protective fabric is only situated on the side of the case that goes next to your body (the side with the WaveWall logo). The rest of the case is just normal leather and a solid plastic mould, so your phone can still receive and send data as usual.

By using a WaveWall anti-radiation case you no longer have to compromise between the convenience of your mobile phone, and worrying about the risk it poses to your fertility and general health.

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