EMF Shielding with Style

You don’t have to go to extremes to get EMF shielding – like insulating your house or moving deep into the countryside. The solutions can be inexpensive and stylish, while keeping you safe from the dangers of mobile radiation.

The EMF shielding in a WaveWall case works like a Faraday cage – but isn’t a big unwieldy actual cage. You will have seen Faraday cages in the movies – as the mad scientist pumps up the electricity the bolts shoot out wildly but he is safe in his metal cage as the mini-lightning hits it the energy is dissipated away.

It’s the same reason experts suggest getting in your car if caught out during a thunderstorm. If the lightning hits the electricity will travel around the metal outside of the car and pass into the ground leaving you untouched and safe.

The special metallic fabric in WaveWall cases blocks EMF and shields the body. It’s hidden away within stylish and colourful cases, so you can look the part too. A big range of cases will fit all the popular makes and models of phone. There’s a choice between a classic case or the flip case, all with a quality finish.

All this talk of the Faraday cage shows up another problem: you have it protecting your body but what happens if you were to attach a wire to it… and then run that wire to your head? Which is exactly what you do when you plug headphones into your phone. The wires in the headphones are conductors and take that EMF radiation directly up to your brain.

The development of cancer and brain tumours is a huge concern with mobile phones but clearly it isn’t enough to go hands-free and use a headset instead.

WaveWall’s Airtubes solve that problem with innovative EMF shielding. Instead of wires leading the radiation directly to your head the Airtubes use, as the name might suggest, air. The wires stop a safe distance from your head and the tubes are hollow – acoustically transmitting the sound perfectly but without any of the radiation. The radiation cannot travel through thin air – a great EMF blocking trick.

EMF shielding with style – by WaveWall.

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