1) Open your preferred web browser (eg Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox) and go to https://www.wavewallcases.com/

1 Enter URL

2) Browse the website to find the product(s) you’re looking for. Once you’ve found the right product and model, click the red Add To Cart button. If the button is greyed out, you have not yet selected a valid model option.

2 Add To Cart

3) Click the “View Cart” button to go to the cart page (you may be automatically redirected):

3 View Cart

4) Enter your discount code in the text box and click “Apply Coupon”. The cart will reload to adjust the price and you should then see the discounted subtotal.

4 Apply Coupon

5) Click “Proceed to checkout” to continue to enter your payment and delivery information:

5 Proceed To Checkout

If you have any problems, please call us on 0333 011 3481 or email us at [email protected] – we’re available 24/7!