Children and Electromagnetic Radiation

Generation Zapped is a new film looking at the effects of electromagnetic radiation. Focussing on children and young people the documentary looks at all the different ways electromagnetic frequencies can harm us – from mobile radiation causing cancer and tumours to the widespread use of wireless networks in schools.

The trailer is available to view online and is an action packed introduction to the issue. It introduces the facts and features many experts outlining their fears about EMFs for their different fields.

On the medical side there are increasing numbers of cancers and tumours, the timescale for tumours developing has also become much quicker. There are concerns about child development and neurological, social and educational side effects.

Electromagnetic fields are produced by technology that today’s young people are reliant on and very comfortable with – such as mobile phones, wireless networks and Bluetooth. But it can cause specific problems in the young, who are more vulnerable to the side effects of EMF exposure.

Most tests and studies are done on adults and there is limited evidence on what long term exposure from birth can do to a person. That long term has not been reached: children who have lived their whole lives in the current generation of blanket wireless and cell phone coverage are only around ten years old. What effect might this have on them as adults?

We do know that safety regulation is geared toward adults. Cell phone radiation is measured and those limits are based on adults with their thicker skulls, larger heads and already developed brains. The same radius of electromagnetic field that partially enters the brain of an adult man may encompass a child’s entire brain and be having a very different effect.

It’s not just the EMF that can be doing damage. Late last year a group of British experts called on the government to provide better guidance on the use of digital devices and screens, pointing out the “toxic” nature of modern childhood. Young people with unrestricted access to cell phones face cyber bullying and high levels of sleep deprivation.

WaveWall developed a range of radiation blocking mobile phone products to keep you and your family safe. Our phone cases shield the body from 85% of electromagnetic radiation and the innovative new Airtube headphones stop radiation from travelling to the head along the wires in headsets. Along with guidance on safe use, taking regular breaks and not having phones in the bedroom overnight these precautions go a long way to protecting your children from becoming a member of Generation Zapped.

Are you concerned about the rising use of cell phones among children? What do you think might be the side effects of growing up with wireless and phone networks?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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