Cell Phones Aren’t Good Friends

Cell phones are quickly becoming more than a means of communication. Cell phones are becoming companions–devices that we cannot live without and cherish so much that we are anxious, depressed, and lost without them.

People today treat cell phones like their family member or close friend

Nomophobia: the fear of being separated from your cell phone.

Nomophobia is a real word and the problem it describes is becoming more real, too. Some would argue that cell phone addiction is a serious clinical dependency syndrome in that it causes depression and anxiety.

Whether it is or not, as the years pass, it’s becoming more impossible to live without a cell phone (and maybe this isn’t such a good thing). Think about the future generations–children today are born into a digital world, never knowing a life without cell phones, tablets, or laptops. Today’s mud piles, fort building, and berry-picking are now replaced completely by video games, texting, and facebooking. When you start thinking about it, it’s scary to imagine what the generation after will be like (maybe they’ll only communicate by hologram and never have to go outside)!

The inventor of cell phones, Martin Cooper, says that the future of cell phones is predicted to become tiny communication devices embedded inside our bodies. (It sounds like technology may be taking over the world after all.) That would make it hard to unplug on occasion–it is healthy to spend at least one day without using technology.

With technology taking over the world and everything, more recent generations spend a majority of their time indoors and less time under the sun has lead to increased obesity rates, worse mental health, and more anxious children.  

But even worse than being cooped up inside are the possible effects of the wireless devices that we so adore. Electromagnetic radiation (EMF radiation) is a form of non-ionizing radiation emitted from wireless devices such as cell phones, laptops, and tablets. There are many studies that discuss health effects from this type of radiation.

Children absorb 10 X the amount of mobile radiation than adults

Take cell phones, for example. Children absorb 10 times the amount EMF radiation from cell phones than adults do according to Om Gandhi, Utah University professor. Before they are even born, children are possibly affected by this mobile radiation if their mothers use their cell phones during pregnancy–a study conducted by Dr. Hugh S. Taylor, professor at Yale University, found that pregnant rats exposed to EMF radiation from cell phones gave birth to babies with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and are speculating this same effect in humans. One step further, before the egg is even fertilized, one of the most popular theories regarding mobile radiation is that it plays a factor in male infertility by reducing testosterone levels, sperm count, sperm motility, and sperm viability. This theory is based off of numerous studies and is bound to be proven in time.

Even if these theories are yet to be proven, the speculation of its effects is scary enough. Maybe we should consider a new companion over cell phones. When are we going to start protecting ourselves?


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