Cell Phone Radiation Protection

What is cell phone radiation and why do you need protecting from it?

Cell phones and other wireless devices work using an electromagnetic field, which is made of electromagnetic radiation. This powers the wireless element of the phone – sending data to the mast, tower or Wi-Fi router. This data isn’t just in the form of internet data but calls, texts and phone signal too. Because your phone is always checking back with base to see if you have any alerts, messages, or other data to be sent, it isn’t just there when you are actively using your phone.

So that’s what the cell phone radiation is there for. But that all sounds pretty good – we want our phones to work, after all. What’s the problem?

The problem is what existing in a cloud of electromagnetic radiation might be doing to our bodies. This is a problem still being explored. Mobile phones are a relatively young technology. Adults might have been using one for fifteen years or so and probably started at least as teenagers, or as adults already. Even less time when you look at the advances in smartphones.

What might the long term effects be? Even studies that want to find out run into the same problem: there isn’t enough long term data, because the technology hasn’t been around that long.

The studies that are coming out urge larger scale and longer term study. Scientists and doctors have focussed on different areas but one of the greatest concerns is the effect cell phone radiation has on male fertility.

Male infertility is a growing problem worldwide and there is mounting evidence that mobile phones are playing a part. This electromagnetic field has been described as “cooking” sperm.

This isn’t helped by the habit of many men to carry their phone in their pocket or on their belt. Right next to their developing sperm.

Commonly talked about as “sperm count” a man’s fertility is made up of more complex factors, not just the volume of sperm. Whether that sperm is viable, how strong it is, how much testosterone is produced, all make a difference. And all can be affected by cell phone radiation.

What’s the answer? You’ll be pleased to know you don’t have to give up on your mobile.

WaveWall’s cell phone radiation protection comes in the form of a smart and stylish phone case that blocks 85% of cell phone radiation from entering the body. Use your phone normally with no interruption to service or signal – protect yourself and your goods.

How do you protect yourself from cell phone radiation?

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