Can leather phone cases really be a health conscious choice?

WaveWall is a health-conscious company and that health extends beyond individuals to the wider world. Here on the WaveWall blog we highlight news and current events, research and new studies, to spread the word about the problem with EMF exposure and mobile phone radiation on our health. We like to bring news that might get ignored or drowned out elsewhere, about the ways mobile phone radiation damages our health. We ask questions and don’t take things at face value.

So here’s a question that goes beyond face value: Leather phone cases might sound like the ultimate in luxury but have you ever stopped to think about the impact of using leather as a fashion item?

At WaveWall we had leather phone cases among our products and were proud of the high quality and prestige we thought that provided. But really, this clashes with our approach. As a company we place a high priority on sustainability, ethics and the environment. How can leather phone cases fit into that, when farming cattle for meat and leather devastates the environment and causes such cruelty to the animals?

So at the beginning of the year WaveWall decided we would go 100% vegan – and carbon neutral – by the end of 2017. Which meant no more leather phone cases, or any animal products in our range.

The new WaveWall Universal is a stylish and smart anti-radiation mobile phone case – and leather-free. All our leather phone cases will be moving to a high quality faux leather by the end of the year and the WaveWall Universal is leading the way.

Have you read our ethics policy? Would you think twice about buying leather?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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