Can a cell phone prevent reproduction?

Nearly 15% of couples of reproductive age face fertility issues. The causes of these issues vary greatly from genetic to environmental, but one of the most common is also one of the most surprising; it sits unremarked in your pocket, keeps you connected to the world, and would appear to be completely harmless.

But it isn’t. From the ancient Nokia candy bar to the newest iPhone, all cell phones create microwave emissions that are capable of harming your sperm.

Cell phone radiation damages sperm

Sperm are temperamental organisms. Even subtle changes in their environment can cause them to become less mobile. And peak mobility is essential for them to perform their function, because slowing them down greatly reduces the chance of them reaching their destination.

Multiple studies have shown that the radiation from cell phones reduces sperm mobility and quality. For the single man, or those who don’t want kids, this may not be a major issue. But for the man who dreams of being a father, it’s time to think long and hard about that cell phone in your pocket. Moving it away from your genitals may seem like the obvious solution. But simply moving it may not be enough. Even a breast pocket may be too close to your genitals for a potent source of radiation like a cell phone.

Take measures to protect your fertility

The use of a specially designed case like the WaveWall is another solution. WaveWall shields your genitals from your phone’s radiation, giving protection that avoids the approximately 20% lost mobility that an hour a day of cell phone use can cost your sperm.

WaveWall disperses the radiation your cell phone emits thanks to the layer of special metallic fabric sandwiched between its leather and micro fibre lining. By shielding your genitals from radiation WaveWall helps protect your reproductive health.

The minimal outlay of buying a WaveWall case is more than worthwhile when set against the benefit it brings, safeguarding your ability to create a new life. For any man experiencing fertility problems, before undergoing expensive testing it makes a lot of sense economically to try WaveWall first.

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