Can a cell phone case save your life?

There are thousands of different cell phone cases available – from bejeweled wonders your wife would adore through to the camouflage patterned case Uncle Joe uses. Most of these cases are designed to look cool. Some offer varying degrees of protection to the phone. But how many of them protect you, the user? The answer is that few if any are designed with the aim of keeping cell phone users safe.

You may be wondering at this point – why does a cell phone user need protecting?

The answer is actually very obvious, but is often overlooked because it is invisible and doesn’t seem to intrude into our day to day lives. Cell phones produce electromagnetic radiation, in the form of microwaves. And like many forms of radiation, this can be harmful.

As cell phones gained popularity during the course of the early 2000’s, we often heard reports that they cause brain tumours. People responded to this by adopting hands free units and Bluetooth headsets. Since this removed the need to put the phone near the brain, they assumed that by taking this precaution cell phones became safe to use.

Cell phone radiation can reduce your fertility

But while using a hands free unit and keeping your phone in your trouser pocket or on your belt does protect your brain, it also creates a new risk. The radiation is still there, after all. All that changes is that instead of being absorbed by your brain it is being absorbed by your genitals. Research has shown that for men, this radiation can affect your ability to have children.

Cell phone radiation is now known to reduce the number, mobility and quality of your sperm. This in turn reduces the chances of your becoming a father. It may also increase the risk of genetic defects if a child is born. The severity of the effect of the radiation will depend on how much you use your phone. One figure suggests that cell phone radiation can cause up to a 19% fewer sperm to be produced. For the large number of men with an already low sperm count, this negative impact could well be the final factor that prevents conception.

Positive steps to protect yourself

WaveWall is an innovative cell phone case that not only looks good, but also protects you from the radiation your phone produces. Using a unique metal fibre fabric, encased in leather and with a microfibre lining, WaveWall disperses the radiation from your cell phone before it reaches your body. By preventing it from reaching your genitals, WaveWall protects your sperm from your phone’s harmful radiation.

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