Business freedom with mobile phones

You can run a business from a mobile phone nowadays and more and more people are giving it all up to pursue a digital nomad lifestyle. The opportunities to innovate that digital devices provide is unprecedented.

Mobile phones provide communications, networking, connection, and more computing power than NASA used to land on the moon. In the developing world they are forging new infrastructures for business, bringing educational benefits to schools and connecting people to aid and support. New entrepreneurial hotspots spring up in South East area with cheaper living costs and the opportunity for adventure.

The downside is that rather than freedom a lot of people get roped into working more. Studies show that people work two hours more each day due to mobile phones. The pressure to work late, answer emails at home or even on holiday, eats into time that should be used for rest and relaxation.

Budding entrepreneurs need to keep their batteries charged but mobile phones can damage our sleep too. The blue light from digital screens mimics the sun’s rays and the body interprets that as a message to stay awake. This affects the circadian rhythm, causing sleep deprivation and sleep disorders, which in turn can cause obesity, diabetes, stress, depression and cardiovascular disease. Not to mention mood swings, lack of concentration and being prone to accidents.

None of which is helpful for anyone, least of all those trying to work and play hard. With WaveWall Sleep you can protect yourself from the harmful effects. A blue light filter and screen protector it blocks the blue light and stops it interfering with your sleep. And the gents who are glued to their phones might want to check out the ways mobile phone radiation can hurt their fertility.

Do you do business on your phone?

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