Bias found in EMF radiation studies

The findings of a key paper on EMF radiation have been challenged for saying mobile phones were safe, against the evidence.

The first report, from 2012, by the Advisory Group on Non Ionising Radiation, had concluded there was no problem with EMF radiation and was used by many governments and mobile phone companies to prove they did not need to take any action and that mobile phone radiation was not a problem.

But this latest study (PDF) by British neuroscientist Dr Sarah Starkey, has uncovered problems in the 2012 report. Dr Starkey found that it downplayed the results, that there were conflicts of interest with the funding and group that commissioned it, and that it showed a bias against EMF radiation.

In the UK and other countries the 2012 report was used to show that mobile phones were safe and EMF radiation was not a concern. This is despite mobile phone radiation being classified as “possibly carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organisation.

There are lots of problems with finding reliable studies on the effects of mobile phone radiation. Some are a case of bias or active conflicts of interest. Other independent studies have shown links between the funders of research and the outcome of that research – when it was paid for by interested parties in the mobile phone and telecoms industries it was more likely to find there was no danger in mobile phones and EMF radiation.

Other problems are simply from a lack of data. There are not enough large scale studies done on the health effects of mobile phones. Almost all studies now end with a call for further research.

Data is hard to come by in a historical sense as well. Mobile phones are a relatively recent phenomenon and there simply isn’t enough long term data to review. We don’t know the health problems that might come later in life from children exposed to large amounts of EMF radiation because it is all new.

Even the earliest mobile phone adopters have only been carrying them around for about 25 years and it was only 2007 when the iPhone arrived and made mobile phones essentials not just for communication but every aspect of our lives, in our pockets and by our sides all day every day.

Clearly more research is needed by Dr Starkey’s report shows that it also needs to be independent, unbiased, peer reviewed research on a large scale, in order to show the true picture.

Here at WaveWall we believe mobile phone radiation is a risk to our health, which is why we created a range of anti-radiation EMF shielding mobile phone cases and accessories to protect you and your family from EMF radiation.

Are you concerned about bias in official health information on mobile phones? Do you think more research should be done?

Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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