Are Robot Conspiracies Telling the Truth?

42 years ago cell phones did not exist…
31 years ago the first macintosh computer did not exist…
26 years ago the first macintosh laptop did not exist…
24 years ago Wi-Fi did not exist…

The amount of years it took for these things to happen is pretty miniscule–most of these inventions occurred within the lifespan of anyone over 42–especially in the grand scheme of things (since Earth is estimated to be about 4.54 billion years old). It’s really scary to think that just 42 years ago, none of these things existed, yet today 6 of 7 billion people own cell phones and only 4.5 own a toilet.

Will technology destroy the world?

Are robot conspiracies right to think that we would be dominated by technology?

Cell phone addiction is a real clinical diagnosis. It is treated like any other behavioral addiction and there are rehab centers available to cure this addiction. Nomophobia, or fear of separation from your cell phone, is also real and is linked to cell phone addiction.

Realistically, our world has changed drastically from this technological revolution and so has the way we communicate. Cell phones become more of a necessity each day and they are such a norm now that we are blindsided by what is sitting right in our pockets.

75% of men keep their phones in their front pockets

Our cell phones emit electromagnetic radiation that can be harmful to our health in numerous ways. In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) classified mobile radiation as “possibly carcinogenic,” meaning that it has the potential to cause cancer. Mobile radiation shares this classification with pesticides such as DDT and engine exhaust.

If that is not enough, mobile radiation has also been proven to cause infertility in men. Men who keep their phones in the pockets have fewer motile sperm, less viable sperm, and low testosterone levels, which are the most common causes of male infertility.

Besides male infertility, there are also links to mobile radiation having a stronger effect on children than adults and especially stronger effect to unborn babies in pregnant women.

The inventor of the cell phone, Martin Cooper, says that the next step for telecommunications will be to insert cell phones underneath the skin and have them embedded in the body–scary thought considering how bad cell phones already are outside of the body!

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